Wisdom Mupudzi: Uncommon destiny, uncommonpartner

Wisdom Mupudzi: Uncommon destiny, uncommon partner

Some people are still in poverty today because of the words they spoke over themselves and some because of what somebody else spoke over them. In short I will say that angels react to words of faith that you speak and demons respond to words of doubt and belief. You can call that your right wing and your left wing for angels and demons respectively. Anything positive will bring forth the attention of the right wing (angels), and anything negative will bring forth the attention of the left wing (demons).
We can take it further that even words like “You will never walk again’ from doctors after surgery can become spoken curses. These utterances can actually do damage to one’s chances of recovering. Think of all the things that you wanted to do and somebody spoke that you couldn’t do it for one reason or the other. Did you do them?? Chances are you did not. There you have it, those are curses!!!

As much as it is a painful to tackle I have to admit that I have seen my life turned topsy turvy due to some things that certain misguided elements I met in my own life. Friends when you have friends who speak such words in your life, especially on those dreams and goals that are close to your heart. Your friends are likely to be on a diabolical assignment to sabotage your destiny. We call them abortionists. You see whatever goals you have and desires I would like to say you are ‘pregnant’. So the day those things become reality is the day you give birth to what you were ‘pregnant’ with. In the natural we have ‘still births’ and we also have ‘abortions’ where basically a mother terminates pregnancy before time. So those words as explained above will cause an abortion long while the speakers or pronouncers have gone. Be on watch and think for a moment who has been speaking such words in your life. Think long and hard, why are they telling you this? What if you succeed will they be happy or succeed. I hope you take inventory of who is in your inner circle and why???

Also I hope you will make the necessary changes you need to remove the wrong people out of your life. Certain aspects of my life were hindered or delayed by words people spoke. I want you to notice something to show you that there is a spirit behind these people when they speak. Look at the conviction and the forcefulness of their words as they speak. It’s like a forceful declaration. Every time someone says that to me I go, ‘ In the name of Jesus I cancel that”. I have done that a few times and the reaction has seen someone embarrassed although that was not my plan. Its better I cancel that in 2 minutes than spend 2years of my life struggling with someone’s misguided utterances. The day I woke up to realise there was something more, somebody said something similar with so much conviction and viciousness and I said I cancel that in the name of Jesus and immediately the person sprang and with open deceit,” I was joking” and I said ‘ whatever you were doing what I said still stands’. They wanted me to withdraw my ‘cancellation’. That day I then realised what I was dealing with. So now I am here telling you that these things can affect destinies and Hosea 4:6 says my people perish because of lack of knowledge. These are some of the things that pastors are not dealing with and trust me most of the problems that people are dealing with are words spoken by people. If you have such words spoken over you like “you will never get married”, “you can’t find a man at your age”, ‘that girl will never love you’,’ who do you think you are in our family, no one gets married and you won’t”. These are some of the common utterances that have destroyed lives and ‘aborted’ destinies. Examples can go and on. However I am glad that you are having an awareness of this, and you will not allow anyone on to speak such words over you and also you will be responsible enough to exercise restraints. Now you can begin to see why there are so many Christian
singles in church and not only that but why some of the so called ‘hot’ girls and ‘guys’ are still single. Part of the reason is those words. Words have power and I hope you will never forget that. You are uncommon and therefore never allow anyone to speak common words over your life!!!!

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