Wisdom Mupudzi: Uncommon destiny, uncommonpartner

Wisdom Mupudzi: Uncommon destiny, uncommon partner

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Generally we have all heard about the new movement of people who claim things by speaking them into their lives. Psychologist and religious folks of all kinds have been embracing this concept of speaking things into being. Starting from Genesis, everything GOD created in the beginning He spoke and it became whatever He said. Out of the gross depth of His thoughts He spoke, and out of the great depths of His speech it became whatever He said. So the real treasure lies in GOD’s thoughts. The book of Genesis also tells us we were made in the image and in the likeness of GOD. Now this is where the whole principle of us being able to speak things began. Now the bible in many chapters continually reminds us that there is power in what we speak and not only that, there is also power in what gets spoken to us!! This is such an intense issue that I will say it one more time, there is power in what gets spoken to us and over us too. The book of Job tells us,” You shall decree a thing and it shall be established”. The book of proverbs tells us that ‘life and death’ are in the power of the tongue!! I think that should be in enough to convince you.

Now scientists and researchers have also discovered that one of the ways to manifest something is through speaking it and also through visualisation. Now these two principles are merely being confirmed by researchers and scientists but have been locked up in the bible for centuries, isn’t that interesting. Visualisation was started or first mentioned in the bible when GOD and Abraham were having a chat and God was telling Abraham that his descendants would be as many as the stars that he saw, and also that where he could lay his eyes GOD was going to give him. That was visualisation. God was making Abraham visualise his children and descendants as many as the stars and the sea shore sand.

So many other things have been ‘discovered’ by scientists etc but those things have been in the bible for years. “ The Secret’ phenomenon is no secret, it has been in the bible for years. The law of attraction that was discovered by a rich turned poor and turned rich again man called Job!!! Far too many examples and things to mention.

Spoken Curses

The Readers Digest word power dictionary defines ‘curse’ as an appeal to a supernatural power to inflict harm on someone or something. The other definition is ‘a cause of harm or misery’. The other definition is the one we all know, the one about using offensive words etc. That’s not the one I will focus on today.

Whenever someone says “You will never be able to be a doctor, u cant!!” That’s a curse right there. Now that pronouncement is verbal right and yet also supernatural as we saw earlier that life and death are in the power of the tongue. That statement is a death statement, he or she is speaking death to the dream of this would be young man or young woman. By speaking such words, they are releasing supernatural words of death, not only that, hear that 13 times and it forms part of your belief system. Now think about this, such people who speak such words are the ones closest to us. Isn’t that sad? They are transferring their negative belief system to us. According to Dr Cindy Trimm for every lie you have believed you need to hear the truth 13 times. Now obviously the above faceless and nameless utterer of those words will have said that more than that number. Meaning the victim of those words will give up on their dream, not because they couldn’t, but because someone transferred the belief that they can’t. That’s why it’s important to keep your goals and dreams to yourself at times. Sometimes people bring hatred and harm to themselves by telling people their goals and dreams. They are people to tell and there are people not to tell. Majority of the people have heard the story of Joseph and his dreams and how they saw him being betrayed and sold due to jealousy that stemmed from his own brothers.

Now, there are many authors on this subject and the best are deliverance ministers and many who understand the supernatural power of what we say or what gets said over us. However, the bottom line is this. The tongue can speak blessings or curses, and the words we speak or the words spoken to us or over us, can lend opportunity for demons to enter. The power of life and death is in the tongue as I have already mentioned before. (Proverbs 18; 21). Words as simple as “We are never going to have anything,” can invite a spirit of poverty to help insure that those spoken words come to pass.

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