Wisdom Mupudzi: Uncommon destiny, uncommonpartner

Wisdom Mupudzi: Uncommon destiny, uncommon partner

The marriage decision, choosing who to marry or the marriage journey itself can be so difficult that some people choose not to do it all together. Paul, the author of the largest portion of the new testament in the Bible even advises believers that if you cannot bear it resolve to abstinence or celibacy. While most of us are still pondering how extremist this sounds, it does convey the severity in impact marrying the right person or simply marriage can have.

Enter uncommon destiny and uncommon partner, to assist us in deciphering the most complex aspect of our lives. Choosing a partner is not a science nor an art, neither should it be left to computer algorithms but in our present day some have handed over their veto to this weeks big advertising budget, emerging dot com website. While this books promise no such point and click romance it is a book that says before you do, have you considered these issue pre and post the wedding day.

I have been dating since my teens, as most of us have, and it is amazing how the dynamics differ from picking a girlfriend to a picking a wife. This book slaps you in the face to snap you out of dating mode into proper courtship issues. The section I am almost sure everyone will love is WISE HOUSE MODEL. This analogy takes the cup, and in my suspicious the reason why the Jenkins Group with over 20 years of publishing awarded this book with a Silver award in it’s category.

It is staggered how a young unmarried, nor in a relationship at the time of writing, author can come with such weighty truth about marriage exceeding his experience level. I would mind having some of what he is having.

I would tell all friends to read this book, single, married or not in hopes to avoid heartache and disappointment. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible physically so I have done the second best thing I know. I have interviewed the author in copious hours of Google+ Hangouts, reviewed the book here and shared in on my favourite social media platforms. It’s no secret I believe in this message, the rest is up to you. Will you entertain the contents of this book even if at the very least all it will do is arm with information you might shelve in the what not to do section of your knowledge bank.

I know the contrary is true. This book will give you, at minimum, one more tool to help break down this complex decision on whom to be forever joined as one with via the Wise House model.

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