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T.D. Jakes: Woman Thou Art Loosed

When I heard about Woman Thou Art Loosed I thought it was only a conference done by the Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas. However, I saw this book in the bookshop and I was attracted by the word “Loosed”. You may think it’s a fluffy-looking book. But, a man of God whom I consider as a genuine – 100 percent real man wrote it. You truly wonder where does T.D. Jakes get such revelation for women when he is a man. All. I can say is, God is wanting to speak to every woman; that he would get a deep minded man to speak such prophetic words to you.

As I read this book I cried. When a book makes me cry, it is a worthy book that speaks to the heart especially when God wants to set you free! There are many things a woman struggles with. From young, we have been spoken into or moved by the people in our circle of influence. Some are good but some have trapped us to the point that when we reach adulthood, we are broken and unable to function in the way God created us to be. What T.D Jakes does, is lights up the areas in our hearts that needs fixing. He then gives the reader God given words to set the reader free of the negative experiences in her life. God evidently, shows you your purpose through those trials and situations one has faced in life. The book is indeed a life changer!

The area that God spoke out in this book was on relationships. Most women talk about relationships whether it is family, friends or that special one. T.D. Jakes breaks it down in the book by connecting well into the bible. We all want relationships but T.D Jakes point out, if you cannot minister to God, how on earth are you going to minister to your spouse? The book brings you back to a relationship with the first man and that is God!

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