Wisdom Mupudzi: Uncommon destiny, uncommonpartner

Wisdom Mupudzi: Uncommon destiny, uncommon partner

The marriage decision, choosing who to marry or the marriage journey itself can be so difficult that some people choose not to do it all together. Paul, the author of the largest portion of the new testament in the Bible even advises believers that if you cannot bear it resolve to abstinence or celibacy. While most of us are still …

Faisal Malick: 10 amazing muslims touched by GOD

Faisal Malick: 10 amazing Muslims touched by GOD

What an incredible book, I couldn’t put it down when I started reading it. In fact, I was in the midst of reading 2 other books and without a doubt I knew I had to stop and focus my efforts on this one.

This 162 page book took me less than a week to finish, only because I am not…