Faisal Malick: 10 amazing muslims touched by GOD

Faisal Malick: 10 amazing Muslims touched by GOD

What an incredible book, I couldn’t put it down when I started reading it. In fact, I was in the midst of reading 2 other books and without a doubt I knew I had to stop and focus my efforts on this one.

This 162 page book took me less than a week to finish, only because I am not…

Lee Strobel: The case for Christ

Lee Strobel: The Case for Christ

Can christianity stand the rigorous tests and standards of historical studies? I am glad I read this book to find the secrets hidden in it. A book written with an agenda to seek out the truth by a man who had no reason to be subjective to the findings. His skills prove crucial in unveiling answers as he asks question…