Steven Furtick - Sun stand still

Steven Furtick – Sun Stand Still

Have no fear, the book is filled with enough miracles & experiential stories to grasp your attention as it delivers teachings & correlations to scripture; the latter two being undoubtedly the main focus. I loved having the author himself narrate the audiobook, as his humor & passion were more evidently emphasized in that medium than if I had read the book with my limited world view experience and filters. The audio book was also helpful in introducing me to the author because I had no idea who Steven Furtick was before picking up this book to read it based of recommendations.

All We Can Do Is Pray?

Sometimes you’ll hear someone share about an urgent, dire need and the sign off with a note of desperation: “Well, all we can do is pray.”
That makes me cringe. First of all, it makes prayer sound like a refuge of last resort. Or like prayer is the last kid picked for dodge ball. It’s as if we are thinking, We’ve tried all the other stuff, the effective stuff. Now I guess we’ll pray.
We should never reduce prayer to the realm of it’s all we can do. Sometimes it is. But not as often as we think. And it’s the passive by-default attitude that drives me crazy. It makes prayer out to be puny, maybe even pointless.
But it also suggests a false dichotomy in the way God works. That line of thinking suggests we should pray, then wait. If God wants to do it, he’ll do it. If he doesn’t then maybe we’ll pray some more. But that’s all we can do. All we can do is pray.
Prayer is rarely all we can do. We can pray and we can prepare. We can ask God to intervene and we can initiate changes in our lives to make it happen. We can ask the Lord to fight for us and we can pull out our swords and start fighting in his strength. Sun Stand Still prayers are integrated prayers. They join our faith-filled prayer with our faith-filled action. Joshua had the audacity to ask and the persistence to pursue.
If you are going to ask God to make the sun stand still, you’d better be ready to march all night.
- Chapter 17: Push While You Pray

Pick up this book and get encouraged to believe in God DEEPLY again, if you can remember a time in the past you once did. And if you have just began your journey with God, I can’t imagine a better book to help you structure your perceptions and attitudes in this faith walk.

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