Steven Furtick - Sun stand still

Steven Furtick – Sun Stand Still

ISBN: 978-1-60142-322-1, 978-1-60142-323-8 (electronic)
Audio Book Listening time: 6hrs 25mins

This book is positively polarising, and if you manage to fault it somehow it will still be nitpicking in the good/better/best domain which is still positive for me. While I was reading this book, I posted a picture of it on my personal Instagram and it was amazing to see the number of my friends that had already read it and recommending it highly based on how it touched their lives.

I finished the (audio) book in 2 days but I didn’t write this review straight away in an objective test to see what I would actually retain considering it’s popularity. Was it just another feel good book, written to make you feel warm and fuzzy but as life’s tasking scenes played out you would find no actual retained knowledge you could anchor on or apply? Would I look back and say to you that was a nice book based on emotion or story telling and not actually remember any of the contents within it’s pages? Well the answer is yes and no to both those questions.

The book’s conversational tone manages to strike a balance between evoking emotion with some of the vivid stories while slipping you some hard, real talk teachings at the same time. The only thing that disappointed me was probably the fact I entered into the book expecting to hear intense examples of ‘BIG miracles’ like the deaf heard, the blind saw. This presupposition though I believe stemmed from the title of the book and the verse of scripture it hinges off. One of the best miracles in the old testament, when a man prays for the sun to stand still… #selah. One can’t take someone where they have not been themselves, so with such an audacious title you can forgive me for expecting the moon.

Sun Stand Still Prayers are miraculous, but they are not magical. And you don’t get to participate in a high calling without a high cost.
- Chapter 8: The Surcharge of Sacrifice.


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