Planetshakers: Eternity

Planetshakers: Eternity

ISBN: 0-9756030-0-0

You have just been saved, accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, but you don’t know how your life should look from this moment on. How should you look at some the things in life? What is essential to understand as you walk this walk effectively? This is where this book comes in.

Eternity is a book given to people who make a decision to walk in the faith in my local church. I wanted to review it in honour of them feeding me spiritually over the past 5 years of my christian walk in another land, not of my birth. That being said, I wanted to do that whilst still being objective in recommending books that are impactful in other believers lives at any level. Although I got my hands on it in my earlier years in Planetshakers Church, I now was finally bringing myself to cracking it open. This time though, I was burdened with the possibility of accusations of being biased as I deliver this review.

The book touches on the bare essentials of Christianity, the A, B, C’s of what it is to be a believer. At 75 pages, it could easily be tackled on a quiet/lazy Saturday although I chose to space it over 2 days to see what I would retain and what would stand out. The topics on Sin and Salvation are delivered in a teaching manner, however the one on Salvation has a second half to the chapter that adds two testimonies from Ben Prescott and Fabian Jood. The latter person I had never heard of before, but it was good to find a testimony of someone from Africa. In fact while reading his testimony, God downloaded an idea for another web project I know is much needed and I am still dissecting. Ben Prescott however, is a man I look up to his faith with such high regard due to the authenticity that spews out from it and this flows into this book.

The book continued on with more testimonies from different leadership in my church as they tackled each topic that followed. The exercise fast became a matter of putting pieces to the puzzle on the life, history and heritage of my church. It was good to see those who had been a part of the churches life being honoured in their contribution via this book, something rare in the modern church.

As I read the book, I couldn’t help notice that I dwelt on certain topics longer than others. Looking back, I couldn’t help feel the emphasis of the book, judging on page count, was in the following order:

1. Salvation – The Cross (14 pages)
2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit (12 pages)
3. Healing/Miracles (10 pages)
4. Giving (10 pages)
5. Developing a relationship with Jesus (8 pages)
6. Our Mission (8 pages)
7. Sin (6 pages)
8. Baptism in Water (4 pages)

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