Mark Crow: Mastering your storms

Mark Crow: Mastering your storms

When I picked up this book to read it, I didn’t bother myself with neither the foreword or nor the contents structure. I did this for 2 reasons, the first being I didn’t want to focus on who recommended on the author and as a result respect him and not the truths in the book. The second reason was I really wanted to see if the meat of this book could keep an 8 year old believer, who hadn’t read a christian book for the last 5 years cover to cover, interested and enriched.

The book is such a small read at 156 pages, in paperback size, that I felt challenged to just finish it in an effort not to bruise my ego.

The first three chapters focus on the two types of storms the author identifies. Although the storms themselves weren’t surprising, his perspective of them sure was. Analogies used also followed suit leaving me pleasantly surprised. Wisely constructed, the analogies sparked reflection in me and I was able to start seeing moments were these applied. More so, knowing that some of my friends were going through storms I was determined to find answers that would fit their turmoil.

As I progressed, even through the last 3 chapters, I found myself having Selah moments – pausing to ponder on the gems revealed. On occasion I even took a moment to post some of these gems as my facebook status, hoping the Holy Spirit would cause all things to work for the greater good and hit someone in the midst of their situation.

In the latter chapters, the author continues to discuss topics that focus on more that just storms but are essential foundations for the faith in retrospect. In this regard, I felt the book gives your more than you are expecting as the title limits your expectation.

In conclusion, I felt I could have read this book in my earlier christian walk and I would have enriched my walk. On the same token reading it now, still brought me benefit. In future, I would still benefit from pulling this book out of my library and refreshing my memory because like the author titled chapter 1, “Storms will come.” The effectiveness of the truths learnt still lies in the readers willingness to apply them, but knowing is half the battle.

- Tawanda Kamuzonde

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