Louie Giglio & Matt Redman: Indescibable

Louie Giglio & Matt Redman: Indescribable

ISBN: 978-1-4347-0474-0
The universe’s biggest beauty pageant, with stunning models of seismic proportions both far & wide in their own respect. This book is the stage and like in any pageant, this seasons crowned models are by no means the most beautiful there are but rather the most fairest ones we have discovered. The stars, planets and galaxies found in our universe and explored in this book are astounding.

Each with beauty in their own areas, some demand us to create new units of measure and others new definitions for their type altogether. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as it combines faith with astronomical science. Packed with mesmerising pictures of constellations, scientific statistics and correlations to biblical scriptures; this book engaged my imagination many times over. Although somethings where hard to wrap my head around, what remained was an even greater awe of the God I serve.

“There is no way all of this splendour orchestrated itself” I continuously remarked to myself. The authors spend most of the time giving you facts and analogies to try and bring understanding closer to home however given the task at hand, you can feel them struggle to break such big things down for everyone. Even when they do so clearly, the sheer size of what is being communicated still left me flabbergasted. By far, chapters 13 and 14, the last two chapters are my favourites as they tie all these statistics, analogies, pictures and scriptures together into a clearer image. Also in these two chapters they zone in on earth, therefore I suspect that is why there was a level of comfort in them.

Being the person that traded in watching less useful TV programs, like who Justin Beiber is dating this week, for countless documentaries on the outer space and nature – I loved it when they started talking about familiar facts. For example, how the earth is perfectly titled and positioned in orbit around the sun to sustain life. Any changes in these and more conditions would make it harder for us the inhabit this planet. They then went on to highlight scriptures that point to our significance in this gargantuan universe. The famous sayings from renowned scientists and astronomers, right from the forewords to the end, where just the icing on the cake.

Reading this book made me feel cheated a little, as to why no one before had ever dared to mix astronomy with the faith. This science only seemed to prove the existence of God in my opinion rather than the feared opposite amongst those who walk in the faith. The attached DVD in the back of this book, gives you a sermon that condenses this books experience for quick consumption. Earlier in my christian walk, I had seen one of these sermons by this preacher Louie Giglio and maybe that had been the seed sown for me to pick up this book later when I saw it. The DVD by no means replaces this book, as the book gives the added advantage of digesting all this information at your own pace.

Where can I fault about this book? Well, three things. Firstly the book launches you into the middle of the galaxies, yes – not just ours, which makes it hard to grow your understanding from what you already know. I think I would have retained more if the authors had visited the universe’s models starting either from the earth outwards or from the biggest object to the smallest. You might disagree, but I felt the order of the book was a bit haphazard and maybe they saw that approach best to keep the readers attention.

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