Lee Strobel: Case for Faith

Lee Strobel: The case for Faith

ISBN: 978-0-310-24209-3

I have grown to love “The Case for..” book series. Christianity today sees little room for apologetics as they argue it doesn’t save people, after all why waste time debating with people on the attributes of someone when you can just introduce them to that person. The funny thing is most christians after they introduce you to God spend Sunday after Sunday, after small group meeting, preaching and teaching on the attributes of God. To me this makes it become a case of ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg.’

The reason why I love this book series though is because this is an atheist retracing his steps from unbelief to faith. This book lies in the area of his life after he has made a decision to believe in God but still has questions, this time not about Jesus but the full gambit of faith.

As you can expect of the investigative journalist, no stone was left unturned. Everything thing from Creation vs Evolution to ‘does the presence of suffering mean the absence of God. Including these 2 subjects, I also thoroughly enjoyed the subjects that touched issues on ‘the arrogance of christianity via it’s claim as the authentic religion’ and “Objection #8: I still have doubts, therefore I cannot be a christian.”

The book is divided into Objections to the christian faith as chapters. While the first 7 are clinical – almost scientific – in delivery, much like The Case for Christ, Chapter 8 combined this with a more humane, let’s face it, realistic sort of approach. I highly recommend believers read this chapter on doubt because the faith is an ongoing battle with it and those that ignore it or downplay it usually suffer a hefty blow and sadly I have seen 1 too many friends walk away from christianity as a result. Whether the doubt was in the existence God or why he would allow certain things to happen or not, that is another story.

It reminded me of when I was an unbeliever to the christian faith, how I knew God existed but didn’t want to accept the faith because of what it meant I had to give up. For everyone that is different but I believe a lot of people in life lie here, where a certain vice is too pleasurable to give up to what they perceive a dull christian life. Boy, was I mistaken too when I held this stance.


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