Lee Strobel: Case for a Creator

Lee Strobel: The case for a Creator

ISBN: 978-0-310-24209-3

The third and final installment in the recommended set for “The Case for..” books I purchased at my local book store. At this point I would like to say the other 2 books, The case for Christ and The Case for faith, had already hit the ball out the park 2 for 2. With a two-thirds clear deduction, reading or listening to this book was more of a formality really. The case was pretty much closed and this pretty much like the paperwork that must be done to file it away.

This book felt like a cross between, the last chapter of The Case for Faith and Louie Giglio and Matt Redman’s Indescribable book. Except this time, I now knew and almost anticipated Lee Strobel’s chosen format for this book series.

First comes an episode from his life before he was a christian as he interacted with believers on an issue related to the book’s subject. You can imagine he is quite livid, and thinks all christians are mindless for believing in God. Then Lee proceeds to pick a court case from his journalism experience that had twists and turns that would either match or resemble the journey we are about to take in the book. His first stop is actual visits to theologians, scientists or philosophers is undoubtedly an atheist whom he manages to extract all his/her grievances against faith, Christ or God. Thereafter he would then visit believing theologians, scientists or philosophers with his arsenal of questions from research, experience and the first interview just departed.

In this book however, I was taken back a bit as the atheist scientist he interviewed first seemed not to be shooting down christianity but attacking the ludicrous theories presented in Darwinism. This man punches some serious concerns in the evolution theory that really made me question why we are still being taught this in schools across the world as it’s shortcomings seemed not to surprise the science world for more than 20 years now. After that chapter, I thought I could stop reading the book now as this guy has just done the job for the believing theologians, scientists & philosophers but my curious mind wouldn’t have it.

I am glad I chose to finish off the book, and hence my book stores package series, as the rest of the book only seemed to affirm thoughts I had about intelligent design, or a creator, long before I picked up a “The case for..” book. I feel those in the Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy fields will get the most out of it but Lee’s journalism skills makes the book relatable to everyone making me recommend this book to the latter still. It would also better to read The case for Christ and best to read The Case for Faith second, then finishing off with this book.

Saying evolution works for some cases is far from saying it accounts for everything. – Chapter 2: The images of Evolution


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