Judah Smith: Jesus is

Judah Smith: Jesus Is

Jesus is… well what can I say, a conversational book all in all but as for Jesus our Lord and Saviour – He is awesome! After buying and having this book sit on my shelf for a few months, I finally faced facts that I might not get to read this book because of my ever increasing schedule. I got the audio book instead which saw me making mince meat of this book, consuming it in a total of 9 hours… #selah.

This book feels conversational, and I am not sure if it was because the author himself was narrating the audio book. It is like Judah Smith in this book is trying to tell you that “Jesus is the embodiment of grace,” if I had to sum it up in short. I could almost picture Judah sitting down with a new believer and saying from his learnings as a Pastor this is how you are to navigate the grace of God or Jesus in relation to others. How some people inaccurately view Jesus or grace or overindulge in the latter. His quirky sense of humour might miss you if you are outside of the United States of America I felt, but sometimes you do get it.

By far my favourite chapter is the one when He talks about the book of Ecclesiastes and the life of King Solomon, the richest and wisest man in the Bible. Firstly, I applaud him for choosing a book most preachers would prefer if it weren’t in the Canon of scripture. Judah does one of the best jobs I have ever heard anyone deliver on the life of Solomon, both in the perspective he takes to look at Solomon and how he chooses to tie it in his message.

I would recommend anyone to read this book just for that chapter alone on the life of Solomon, not to discredit the rest of the book but I feel anyone can find the biggest gems that are practical to life unfolding there. Overall, I would recommend this book to any new believers that are wanting to just get a glimpse of an inspiring young preachers’ views Jesus or grace. Also if you are big on grace in general, then you might also find yourself marvelling at his views on the topic. For those who prefer a 10 point delivery on grace and each point dissected analytically, you might want to skip this book as it is very conversational and almost a dose over inspirational – except for a few sections. I have learnt, that might just be the right medicine for someone out there.

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