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Joyce Meyer: Battlefield of the Mind

A life changer! I highly recommend this book to anyone that struggles with depression, a negative thought pattern or just with life. I came across this book during a tough season and I knew in my heart it was my attitude rather than my situation that was affecting me. I was brought up, and known to be, a positive individual. Yet a lot of things wore me down. Through this book I relearned how to think more positive as well as be more effective in my life and walk with God.

In this day and age, there are many self-help books but I only believe in having books that refer to bible as their primary source. Joyce Meyer does this and with much effectiveness. She writes about how in order to win the battle in our life is to first take captive every thought in our mind. It is truly biblical.

Moreover, she proceeds to tackle some of the thoughts we have in our minds. It is interesting how we all think in a certain negative way, yet we were made to be beings that fully trust in God’s amazing plan. The book comes from a woman that has struggled with her thoughts and has overcome them, that in itself is a worthwhile read. If she has overcome most of these thoughts, we too could do the same. Get the book! It is even a book I would recommend buying for your friends or even lending it to someone. This book can be read almost once every year to refresh and clear the mind. It is an effective tool for any person in their walk with God.

Ruebeline Rueben

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