Dr Caroline Leaf: Who switched off my brain

Dr. Caroline Leaf: Who switched off my brain

ISBN: 978-0-9819567-2-5
In all of my christian faith, this has to be the first christian literature I have come across that combines Biological science to test out, prove and support biblical principles. With a ‘B’ in my Biology studies in high school at year 12, form 4, I wish someone had told me I could apply Biology to my faith. Even though then I loosely believed in God, the prospects of seeking out truth about the Bible through the human anatomy might have spurred me on to aim for an ‘A’. While my desire to pursue a medical career ended then, it was good to pick up this book and read some of those familiar words like my favourite, mitochondria. Other words where completely new to me of course but Dr. Caroline Leaf makes it easy to follow along with her analogies.

This book represented to me something that has resonated in my spirit for a very long time now and has echoed in me since I gave my life to the Lord for the last time. All people have passions and gifts that are God given, and when they choose salvation they should not discard the gifts, as most do, if they do not fit in what is typically formatted as church gifts or ministries. Rather, they should disconnect those gifts, talents and themselves from the old worldly power source and plug them into the Creator of the Universe who can do far more with them in the first place. That is still a sermon in the making, nonetheless this book both exemplifies this thought and attempts in every chapter to restore the reader into this God connected state.

In most cases, it will tell you what you already know but puts scientific understanding behind that to make it easier to stand under. Chapters that fall under Part 1 and Part 2 are very theoretical, with the following parts giving a balance between theory and practical exercises. For me, these exercises take the cup as they literally could become tools to break away from some of the personal patterns that hold us back, specifically with the “Dirty Dozen”.

When I first read about the dirty dozen, the different toxic groups that are tackled in this book, I thought maybe Dr. Caroline was over simplifying a bit much as it reminded me of childrens books. As the content picks up steam, you don’t pay much attention to that but more to the principles and techniques taught.

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