Celebration Church: Daily bible reading program

Celebration Church: Bible reading program

Most of us have once wanted to embark on the journey of reading the entire bible, and if you are christian this journey should be ongoing. The problem is, most us don’t how to read the bible or any good strategies to do so. As a result, we crack the bible open and start from where we think best and within no time, we lose interest. Before you know it there goes another ambitious new year’s resolution that fails due to lack of planning. We’ve all heard of the adage, “he who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

This bible reading program, I have used since I was a young Christian and it helped me a lot in those earlier years as it removed the not knowing aspect. It ensures you complete reading the bible in a year, that is if you don’t miss a day or catch up when you do miss one, by having a balanced mix of scriptures. If this were a diet the basic ingredients of each meal would look something like the following:

  • 2x Old testament chapters (that will build on tomorrow’s following two; starting from the very beginning)
  • 1x New testament chapter (starting from the very beginning)
  • 1x Psalm chapter (sometimes more depending on the length of the first chapter)
  • 1x Proverbs chapter (always)

The result is a spiritual meal that keeps you interested during the consumption while ensuring that when you get to the Books of Numbers you are not bored to death while inching towards being a healthier christian. For me personally, the Psalms and the Proverbs really became engraved in me which I thought was good as they ensure there is always something practical in your reading to walk away and apply.

The downsides are there to this reading program. You are essentially reading 5 chapters a day, which may not always be possible to squeeze into a day especially if you don’t set a formal time or if one of the chapters is quite long. This I thought built discipline more than it was a problem.

If you miss a day you might feel guilty and that builds up with the more days you miss. If you decide to always catch up on the ones you miss then that makes a whopping 10 chapters for that day to consume. I found that skipping the day I missed altogether was the best advise I received with regards to this. It did mean I really then read the bible completely after about 3 years as I still needed to come back and cover the days missed in another year.

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