Bruce Wilkinson: The Prayer of Jabez

Bruce Wilkinson: The Prayer of Jabez

ISBN: 978-1-59052-475-6

I must apologise for this review as it will be very lopsided. After reading this book over 6 or 7 years ago for the first time, picking it up again now is similar to looking at how a trading stock one bought 7 years ago has performed and developed over the years. Where the returns on the investment worthwhile or should I have discarded it sooner?

For most days in a year, roughly 300 in 365, I have prayed this prayer of Jabez in the morning when I wake up for around 7 years.. #selah. Can you imagine what that might do to a person? You can start to understand why I began this review by mentioning it will not be balanced. Considering this is still a daily habit, the short answer is no, it wasn’t a bad investment and I would be foolish to abandon it now. This prayer is my equivalent to what Coca-cola stocks are to Warren Baffet, irreplaceable.

I came across this book after I had gone through a tough encounter in my life, the only one that made me consider suicide for the first and only time in my life. Everything was a mess. I had been, as Lecrae creatively put it, “on my way to hell with a full tank”. I had hit the lowest I had ever been. Shortly after I made the decision to accept Jesus Christ into my life, this time seriously, this book found it’s way into my hands after I had wondered into a christian bookshop of my own accord.

I read this book with the attitude that I was at my lowest in life so I had nothing to lose by reading it and trying it out. Now I know those were probably the best conditions to read it because I sucked up every word like a sponge that resonated with my new found faith, which happened to be the whole book. A week later I went back to the store and bought the Prayer of Jabez journal that helps you walk these concepts practically as you document your growth. To this day I move everywhere with this journal, whether country, neighbourhood or house, I pull it out when I need to marvel at where I have come from.

Now as I read this current edition of the book, I can see the footprints in the sand left behind by this prayer and what it teaches. Everything from my first job, to my first speech, to registering this first domain ( which this books website now sits under), to my first degree, to the place where I currently am in my life and everything in between; wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t read this book. I have even posted on my facebook status a couple of times in the past to express my gratitude for coming across the prayer of Jabez. How a man prayed a prayer 1 verse long, changes the way the bible was being written in that chapter and is called honourable by God who also grants him what he prayed for.

As a brother with no position of title, no payment for reviewing this book and probably won’t get to meet most people that read this review, as one believer to another I HIGHLY recommend you to read this book. It dissects each part of the prayer (1 Chronicles 4:10) so you can understand and appreciate what you praying that you may mix it with your faith and not just pay lip service. I wish I could say I have no ulterior motive whatsoever, but I do and that is you would get to read this book and it have an impacting change on your life for the better.

Indeed God has blessed me and I pray He will continue to do so. Indeed He has enlarged my territory and I pray He will continue to do so. Indeed He has kept me away from evil and I pray He continues to do so. Indeed He has kept His hand with me and I pray He continues to do so. Indeed it has not hurt me and I pray it continues to be so.

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