Bill Johnson: Strengthen yourself in the Lord

Bill Johnson: Strengthen yourself in the Lord

ISBN 13: 978-0-7684-2427-0
This book felt like a triumph when I completed reading it. It is packed with such deep and weighty truths that fold on themselves so much that you simply cannot rush through the words to get to the end. It felt as if I was never going to finish it as I would read certain pages over and over again unveiling a revelation that just required that level of meditation, at least for me.

The book either lightens up in the middle or you get used to the depth it communicates. Either way, will it tell you how to Strengthen yourself in the Lord? It does, and somethings actually end up being so simple that we forget to do them every now and then. Bill Johnson takes the time to explain why those simple things are so important and that understanding helps identify why they need to continually be done. Of late God has been saying to me in my spirit from time to time, sometimes we (human beings) get so advanced we forget the basic stuff.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking to strengthen themselves in the Lord if this title has caught your attention. I would however recommend that you get a pen and paper to write down, even in bullet points, some of the practical things Bill later mentions to strengthen yourself. As this is a title that will take you some time to finish, having a summary or checklist at the end you can work with will help you greatly.

In the first few chapters, you will find that Bill will give you some biblical examples of people that strengthened themselves. This I thought was good as I could identify with someone in the bible, if anything that I wasn’t the only one who needed to strengthen myself in the Lord. Equipped with the knowledge that I wasn’t the first one to go through this process, I read the book looking for Biblical answers on how to approach situations. Some of the biblical correlations made to solutions were dead on accurate and some I felt were a bit stretched or I didn’t grasp. The latter I shelved in the yet to be proved or revealed to me section of my life. That’s the beauty of a book though, to learn what another person learnt probably in a lifetime, in a shorter period of time. This applies to their failures or even the things they have no answers to, there is a lesson in those too.

I felt Bill was open and didn’t give us a book that parades his successes only or parades principles he knows but cannot exemplify. Definitely not a book for those who are after just head knowledge but those who are looking to be reignited in the Lord, whether it be in their calling or life purpose.

To God be the glory.

When I picked up Bill Johnson’s Strengthen Yourself in the Lord, I could not stop reading the text from start to finish. It is a rarity to find such a book, as I am a slow digestive reader. I take time on my readings to understand every concept to best apply it to my life. But with this book, understanding came as easy as breathing as he breaks it down for you.

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